Combat Diabetes Naturally

All sorts of information about diabetes exists online and offline. Health agencies give out loads of information on this incurable disease. All sorts of facts and figures are released that trigger alarm bells.

This makes diabetes risk, diabetes prevention, diabetes treatment etc hot topics. What are the side effects of the drugs is another hot topic. Well let me tell you of a diabetes treatment without side effects. This is the natural way to treat diabetes.

My grandmother was diabetic. As a result, I have a number of grandmother’s remedies for diabetes that have been passed down to me. My grandmother used these remedies and stayed healthy all her life and passed away healthy.

First, she regularly took a morning and an evening walk. She controlled the amount of sugar in her blood by doing this. In addition she had a secret weapon. This secret weapon was a herbal cure for diabetes. She regularly took various herbs including Fenugreek, Bittergourd and Neem to control her diabetes.

In this modern age, you can easily google the internet to find herbs and natural solutions for diabetes. These herbs are now easily available via the net and though they cost a bit, the resulting fall in your main medicines and insulin dose required may make it worth the trouble.

Tomorrow I will post a number of herbs that help diabetics lead a normal life.

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