Free diabetes supply FAQ

Many diabetics are unaware that medical supplies for diabetics may be freely available. This could have saved them a lot of money. For those of you who are on this page and seek information, we hope the FAQ below is helpful.

1)Do companies offer free diabetic supplies?

A)Yes. There are a number of companies that offer diabetic supplies free of cost for testing. Patients who are in need find these very helpful.

2)What about insurance and diabetes coverage?

A)If the patient has taken out insurance coverage privately or through Medicare he does not have to pay for supplies.

3)What formalities are involved in insurance coverage?

A)Lots of paperwork.

4)What is the best option for free medical supplies?

A)A company that offers free testing supplies is the best option. It saves confusing paperwork and time.

5)Are there any other advantages of free medical supplies?

A)Patients are given a number of different resources that help them manage the diabetic lifestyle with ease.

6)How is a diabetic’s health maintained?

A)By keeping blood sugar at the best possible level through the day.

7)What are the free medical supplies that are provided?

A)Testing strips, syringes, insulin pumps, insulin, blood sugar monitors, lancets.

8)Does the person receiving free supplies have to reside in the U.S.?


9)What does one need to get the free supplies?

A)A physicians prescription.

10)Is it easy to get the supplies?

A)Easier than most people imagine.

Do I Need Diabetic Shoes?

People with diabetes often have a side effect called peripheral neuropathy. This is the loss of sensation in the extremities. Shoes that don’t fit properly can pinch or rub the feet leading to ulceration and foot injury.

To avoid such foot injury it is important to have properly fitting diabetic shoes. The design of the shoes and specialty insoles help to alleviate or prevent pain and injury.

Diabetic shoes have a special insole, so they are often wider and deeper than regular shoes. Generally the insoles are custom made to fit the foot properly. This minimizes rubbing, uneven weight distribution, and injury to feet.

A good diabetic shoe should have a breathable construction, which allows the skin to breathe. It should be deep and wide to allow room for custom insoles. There should be no interior seams to prevent rubbing injury.

The cost of customization can be offset by Medicare or private insurance. Sometimes a pair of custom diabetic shoes could be free to you because the custom insoles are designed to meet the needs of diabetic feet.

Texans Get Big Savings on Medicare Supplies This Summer

The Dallas-Fort Worth area Medicare beneficiaries will see prices slashed on oxygen equipment, power wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, and many other medical devices and supplies starting this summer. 

Most people refer to the new laws in 2003, as creating Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. The new law has also allowed the agency a system of competitive bidding for medical equipment and other supplies. Until now beneficiaries paid for items on a fee schedule that the government sets and periodically updates.

This program will add 70 more cities next year and expand nationally soon after that. Medicare expects to save $1 billion a year once competitive bidding has been rolled out. The Medicare program spent $7.6 billion on equipment and supplies in 2006.

Paul Precht, a spokesman for the Medicare Rights Center, a consumer advocacy group said, “For too long, Medicare paid more than other agencies do for the same equipment. Now, its payments will be more in line with the products’ true costs.” 

The government covers 80 percent of the cost of medical equipment and supplies, while individuals pay for the other 20 percent with supplemental insurance or out of pocket. This program will save taxpayers and beneficiaries a lot of money!

Getting Diabetes Supplies Free

If you are a diabetic, you know how much money is spent around your illness. According to statistics the average diabetic spends $13,000 a year on his treatments. This is a lot of money. Some people however are able to treat their diabetes for free.

These are people who get free supplies through the government. Some people with health insurance are covered for their diabetes by their companies. For this purpose you need to be covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. If covered, you need to know which diabetes supply company is associated with them. Either you will be able to get your diabetes supply free or at a huge discount.


Free Diabetic Testing Supplies

If you have diabetes and you are covered by health insurance or Medicare insurance, you may be able to get free medical supplies delivered to your door. If you have Medicare Part B, then you may be eligible for all sorts of Medical supplies related to your diabetes.

There are many companies like American Diabetes Services, Liberty Medical, FreedomMed and more that will ship free medical diabetic supplies to you when you qualify. These types of supplies might include:

  • Insulin and insulin supplies
  • Diabetic Testing Meters (also known as glucose meters and glucometers)
  • Testing Strips

To find out if you can get access to free glucose meters and other free diabetic supplies, find a company that you want to do business with and complete an inquiry form. They will then contact you, verify your insurance coverage levels and file all of the necessary paperwork.

It’s important to note that you may sometimes be required to make a co-payment or pay a deductible before your insurance benefits kick in.