Breastfeeding Can Help Prevent Diabetes

More and more individuals have diabetes than ever before.  In fact millions just in the United States alone are suffering from the disease and fighting the symptoms.  From gestational diabetes – often caused by sugary sodas, especially colas – to Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, it can be a struggle to find the causes and certainly it has been a tremendous amount of work to continue looking for a cure.

In the meantime, there are ways to help work to avoid diabetes altogether.  Stopping the disease before it starts is one way.  If you don’t have diabetes or have not been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle by having a moderate diet, engaging in moderate exercise and working to stay as healthy as possible when it comes to obesity, cardiovascular issues and blood pressure. Something new that has been discovered is that when a woman has had a baby, breastfeeding can help prevent diabetes both in the mother and the baby.  When researchers studied over 700 women for 20 years, they found that the women who had breastfed had a much lower incidence of metabolic syndrome, which includes several symptoms that likely lead to diabetes – including high blood pressure, high blood glucose, heart disease and abdominal obesity.  These combined symptoms more often than not lead to diabetes.

Mothers who breastfed during this study – and other studies – eliminated a great deal of the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes in the future.  Even mothers who had gestational diabetes – diabetes during their pregnancy – lowered their incidence of diabetes as well.  This is a critical find, since once a woman has gestational diabetes, her odds of getting Type 2 Diabetes later are much higher than a woman who has not had gestational diabetes.

If you are pregnant or are about to have a baby – or have just had a baby – think carefully about breastfeeding.  Not only is it good for your baby for a tremendous amount of reasons, but it could be wonderful for your own health, especially in preventing you from developing diabetes.

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