Diabetes and Obesity: Conquer Them Together

There is a tremendous amount of research throughout the world regarding diabetes and regarding weight issues. Research often concentrates on both issues at the same time because the majority of the time, if a person has a severe weight problem; they often have diabetes as well.

There is good news regarding current research. Studies in the U.K. have discovered a new drug that that will address both issues at the same time, helping people with diabetes to basically kill two birds with one stone.

With some of the serious health issues that individuals with diabetes and weight problems face and have to fight to control every day, this new discovery should make the life of a person with Type 2 diabetes just a little – if not a lot – easier.

Most people who have both diabetes and are seriously overweight have other side affects, too. They usually have to deal with high blood pressure and the possibility and tremendous risks of blindness, serious kidney problems, cardiovascular issues – especially risk of stroke – and these are just the obvious ones that are hard to control when tackling diabetes and weight problems at the same time.

The drug that has been discovered has been created for Type 2 diabetes. If a person has diabetes, they only need to take the medication once per day. It works as a time release medication, allowing the body to release insulin only if the individual’s blood levels become too high. This discovery and the medication which comes with it will make millions of lives of individuals with diabetes much easier, especially since many often have to take multiple injections every day.

In addition, the research shows that the way the medication helps with weight control is by slowing down how fast the stomach empties after a meal, therefore it makes a person feel full for a lot longer, eliminating the cravings for between meal snacks that can sabotage a diabetic’s difficult struggle to lose weight or at least keep their weight under control.

Victoza which is the original name for the medication is also known Liraglutide.

Another plus regarding the medication is that individuals can take it when it is convenient for them because it is a timed-release product. Therefore, no matter what time of day or night a person wishes to take the medication, depending upon their schedule and other activities, they can do so. In addition, the individual can continue using most or all other medications that they are on.

As a result of al these things, Victoza is also reported to lower blood pressure which eliminates some of the risk of cardiovascular complications. This drug could change the way that millions of individuals with diabetes live their lives and give them the hope – and probability – of living longer, healthier lives.

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