Diabetes Lifestyle: Balance is the Key

Most of us are familiar with diabetes, but only because we hear commercials about it or know someone who has diabetes. There are people with diabetes who don’t even realize they have it, and most of us don’t know what to do if we should develop diabetes. In addition, some people who suffer and struggle with diabetes don’t know the best way to balance things out to keep their diabetes under control.

Many people – with or without diabetes – feel that as long as a person basically eliminates sugar from their diet, they will be able to keep their diabetes under control. This is true, but only to an extent. Individuals with diabetes should be very careful about their sugar intake, but they can have a little sugar from time to time.

If their diet is healthy and they are getting regular exercise – even walking for a few minutes every day or every other day – they will be helping their body to stay healthy and having a little sugar in moderation every once in a while should not put them in extreme jeopardy. In fact, if they are doing other things to keep their body as healthy as possible, a little sugar here and there shouldn’t hurt them.

If a person includes mostly whole foods, such as lean meats, good fruits and vegetables in their regular diet and keeps their diet balanced a little sugar once in a while shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, if a person takes their insulin or other medicine this is a safeguard against sugar – especially since there are many products on the market these days that say they have no sugar, but have heavy corn syrup or fructose in them which is just another form of sugar. A person could be using them every day and not realize that these problems are not good for them. Despite this, you could have a little ice cream or slice of pie or cake (pie is better due to less carbs), and still be ok.

One of the smart things to do – not just for people with diabetes – is to become familiar with the foods and products that are made with low or no sugar and are also low in carbs (which turn to sugar in the blood). There are a tremendous amount of products available – from ice cream, pies, a vast array of yogurts in fun and delicious flavors and a lot of soft drinks, flavored waters and juices that are sugar free or very close. Instead of feeling you must go without, you will find that food and food products available for individuals with diabetes have come a long way and can help keep your diet balanced and help keep you happy.

Go to a few grocery stores and some of the bigger nutrition or whole/natural food stores and look at what they have to offer. You will be surprised and delighted and will now have some real choices – including real chocolate candy by Hershey’s, Dove, See’s, Russell Stover and more – that actually taste great and will help you when you have some of those cravings that we all get to help keep your diet and body in balance and your diabetes in check.

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