Do I Need Diabetic Shoes?

People with diabetes often have a side effect called peripheral neuropathy. This is the loss of sensation in the extremities. Shoes that don’t fit properly can pinch or rub the feet leading to ulceration and foot injury.

To avoid such foot injury it is important to have properly fitting diabetic shoes. The design of the shoes and specialty insoles help to alleviate or prevent pain and injury.

Diabetic shoes have a special insole, so they are often wider and deeper than regular shoes. Generally the insoles are custom made to fit the foot properly. This minimizes rubbing, uneven weight distribution, and injury to feet.

A good diabetic shoe should have a breathable construction, which allows the skin to breathe. It should be deep and wide to allow room for custom insoles. There should be no interior seams to prevent rubbing injury.

The cost of customization can be offset by Medicare or private insurance. Sometimes a pair of custom diabetic shoes could be free to you because the custom insoles are designed to meet the needs of diabetic feet.

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