Gestational Diabetes Linked with Soda

So, what’s a coke every day?  Well, nothing much, unless you drink them continuously before you get pregnant and while you are pregnant.  What is the result?  Quite often, problems for you during your pregnancy and afterward, plus problems for your baby before birth and possibly for the rest of their life.

Researchers have recently discovered that sodas – especially colas – can lead to gestational diabetes.  The first study of this type took place recently in New Orleans.  A doctor in the area found that drinking these colas, which are filled with colas and empty calories, increases the risk of the mother getting diabetes during pregnancy exponentially.

LSU Health Sciences Center Epidemiologist Dr. Liwei Chen is the physician behind the study.  She studied nearly 14,000 women who were used to drinking at least 5 colas per week.  As a result of this, even before they get pregnant they have a 22% higher chance of getting gestational diabetes.The study followed the 14,000 women for ten years.  One of the factors that the research revealed is that even when a woman gets pregnant, she doesn’t always change her diet or some of her other habits, especially the things that they drink.  This is often because they don’t realize the long term affects on themselves or their unborn child.

Some of the long term affects include complications or illness during the mother’s pregnancy.  In addition, more dangerous, is that the baby could be larger which could create complications during the delivery – jeopardizing the health of the mother and the baby.  If the complications are too severe, it might mean that the mother needs a C-section.  Last, but not least, both mother and child are more likely to end up with diabetes as time passes.  Not only are the children more prone to diabetes, but they are also more prone to obesity.  The combination of diabetes and obesity can create other health problems and lead to everything from high blood pressure to vision problems – even blindness – to kidney problems to heart attack, amputations and even death.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant and you drink soft drinks – especially cola – which contain a lot of sugar, it is time to cut down and eventually stop.  For the sake of yourself and your future unborn child, substitute healthier drinks – including more water – for your health and your baby’s.

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