Portable Urine Glucose Meter

Tanita Corp of Japan, will begin selling a portable digital urine glucose meter that indirectly checks blood glucose level by measuring urine glucose level. The meter is called UG-201 and will go on sale June 20, 2008 in Japan. The company has sold a stationary digital urine sugar meter since 2004.

Tanita Corp have had many request for a portable model because people are always on the go. Although the UG-201 is unable to measure the blood sugar level itself, it contributes to the prevention of metabolic syndrome and diabetes by measuring the urine sugar level, which is closely correlated with the blood sugar level. The product allows easy measurement simply by urinating on the sensor.  This meter is convenient and easy to use. Results show in about six seconds.

Although there is no manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the expected market price for the starter set including the main unit, sensor cartridge, etc is about $154.00. Each sensor cartridge is good for 200 uses and will cost $58 to replace. The company is aiming at initial annual sales of 3,000 sets and cumulative sales of 30,000 sets by fiscal 2010.

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