Possible Fatalities from Diabetes Drug

There are over 180 million people throughout the world struggling with diabetes.  Many of them are taking different medications to deal with the disease.  A great many take insulin shots to control their diabetes symptoms.

There are many people with diabetes, however, that take various medications to control their diabetes.  Some of these medications work well without creating side effects.  Others, however, do create side effects, just as with any kind of medication – whether it is from the cold medication a person takes or from blood pressure medication.  Any medication can cause a side effect, and the effect can range from something small, such as a slight headache to something much more annoying, such as terrible stomach cramps or worse.

One of the things that has been discovered recently is that in some cases certain medications for diabetes can possibly be fatal.  Some of these medications can cause cardiovascular issues and changes which can lead to death.  

Researchers state that metformin – which is one of the most widely used diabetes medications – is one of the best and most effective medications to begin treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, with very few side effects.

It is important that the right medication be used to control diabetes because diabetes brings with is numerous other health challenges.  The majority of individuals with diabetes also have either high blood pressure, kidney problems, vision problems and more, including cardiovascular issues.  In fact, individuals with diabetes have twice as much incidence of heart problems – including fatal heart attacks – as those without diabetes.

The research revealed that metformin was so much safer than other drugs and that sulphonylureas are linked with fatal results in too many cases and at least 30% more heart problems.  The British Medical Journal has stated that if at all possible, it is important to use metformin and other types of diabetes medications that are much safer and have fewer side effects – especially the ones that can kill you.

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