Free diabetes supply FAQ

Many diabetics are unaware that medical supplies for diabetics may be freely available. This could have saved them a lot of money. For those of you who are on this page and seek information, we hope the FAQ below is helpful.

1)Do companies offer free diabetic supplies?

A)Yes. There are a number of companies that offer diabetic supplies free of cost for testing. Patients who are in need find these very helpful.

2)What about insurance and diabetes coverage?

A)If the patient has taken out insurance coverage privately or through Medicare he does not have to pay for supplies.

3)What formalities are involved in insurance coverage?

A)Lots of paperwork.

4)What is the best option for free medical supplies?

A)A company that offers free testing supplies is the best option. It saves confusing paperwork and time.

5)Are there any other advantages of free medical supplies?

A)Patients are given a number of different resources that help them manage the diabetic lifestyle with ease.

6)How is a diabetic’s health maintained?

A)By keeping blood sugar at the best possible level through the day.

7)What are the free medical supplies that are provided?

A)Testing strips, syringes, insulin pumps, insulin, blood sugar monitors, lancets.

8)Does the person receiving free supplies have to reside in the U.S.?


9)What does one need to get the free supplies?

A)A physicians prescription.

10)Is it easy to get the supplies?

A)Easier than most people imagine.

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