One Touch Ultra 2 Diabetic Testing Meter

OneTouch Ultra 2 Glucose MeterThe OneTouch Ultra 2 is a blood glucose monitoring device for people with diabetes. This device has advanced features that range from fast results, a more compact size and it offers almost pain free blood glucose level monitoring. The small blood volume required also allows alternate locations to be used for testing, instead of just the fingertip. This could include the forearm or palm.The OneTouch Ultra 2 is packaged in a kit that contains a carrying case, the OneTouch UltraSoft Adjustable Sampling Device, sample  lancets, test strips and a replacement cap for use with the sampling device when using another site testing location.

This device is available for purchase at most pharmacies, both physical and online. It is also available for free by companies like FreedomMed and American Diabetes Supplies. Visit their websites to see if you qualify for the OneTouch Ultra 2 for free with through your insurance or Medicare.

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