Diabetes Websites: Surfing Diabetes on the Internet

Taking a Walk on the Net

My grandmother had diabetes and sometimes she took me to the doctor with her. The visits weren’t so bad because I stayed in the waiting room looking at the pictures on the wall, talking to the other people waiting and reading the magazines. I wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers but my logic a s a kid was that we were all there together for the same thing – to see the doctor so we were sort of a group and not strangers.

At that time the internet hadn’t exploded and hadn’t gotten to the point where you could get a ton of information in just a few minutes by going on a computer and just clicking once you found what you needed.

Today, the internet is astounding. There are many internet companies such a Google, Yahoo and a whole lot more. You can find just about anything you need if you have a computer or use one at the library.

My grandmother died of complications from diabetes. It was before the internet was jam packed with information. Her information came from the doctor and she trusted him.

If you go onto Google right now and type in diabetes, the first page alone will bring up about 13 entries in the middle (they are usually from sources who won’t try to advertise, sell you something or somehow get your money. There are about 10 entries on the right hand margin of the page so unless you need to buy something stay away from these. They are selling and for every sale Google or Yahoo or whomever their information is on, gets some money. If you decide to buy something compare well and know that the company is reputable.

As for the main information just on page 1, there is information from the American Diabetes Association, WebMD Diabetes Center, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Mayo Clinic, Medicine Plus: Diabetes (operated by NIH), Diabetes Risks, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment by emedicinehealth.com.

This is just the first page and there is enough information here to look at your symptoms if you haven’t been diagnosed and decide if you should go to the doctor. There is enough information for you to figure out what to ask the doctor, what to eat and what not to eat, what medications are available and how they work, and more.

There are at least 20 more pages just like this one, including news on various issues that have to do with diabetes including discoveries of new medications that do less harm to the body and control diabetes more efficiently.

Not to harp on it, but this is all on the first page. You can click at the very top of the page on “news” and you’ll get important news on the latest discoveries and treatments, efforts to get more help and funding for diabetes, and more.

So when you have even 15 quiet minutes, get on the computer, type in diabetes when your search engine comes up and find the things you need to know. It’s a great experience, answers questions and is much faster than the old way.

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