Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a very insidious disease and most people have diabetes or pre-diabetes before they or their doctor realize it. Why? In most cases people begin to experience a symptom or two and can attribute it to something else. For instance, if you start to experience extreme thirst, especially on a regular basis, you may attribute it to the food you are eating. For instance, garlic or spicy food can cause extra thirst, so you might not attribute the thirst from diabetes. Why would you?

Another symptom of diabetes is excessive urination. Most people don’t associate that issue with diabetes. Some men associate it with prostrate issues. Other individuals associate it with the fact that they drink a lot of water or other liquids, which goes back to excessive thirst and drinking a lot.

Quite often individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes experience tingling in their hands arms and eventually pain in their feet. Instead of associating these symptoms of diabetes, they think of carpal-tunnel, bad shoes and other issues when in reality, the problem could be neuropathy – damage to the nerves – due to diabetes. It is essential to check with your doctor regarding this – especially if your feet are tingling, burning, feeling like you are walking on sand or throbbing. This is usually a sign that you may have diabetes.

There used to be few treatments for diabetes, but now ther are any number of medications available, including insulin, to treat the symptoms. There are special diets, various medications to deal with the neuropathy, pain and other related issues.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or any combination of them see your doctor and let him or her know. The reason that diabetes is often not diagnosed is that the symptoms are never reported to the doctor. If you discuss this with your doctor and he/she does not order tests to see if you have diabetes, push harder for one. If that does not work, consult another doctor for a second opinion. Many internists and endocrinologists deal with diabetes a great deal and are experts in identifying and treating the disease.

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